Digging holes on Charlotte Road


I wish I had a photo to go with this. In the front, left corner of our yard, beside Mrs. Beverly's yard, were two large sweetgum trees. One summer day, I decided to dig a hole under the trees, to give me a fun place to play with my toy dinosaurs. I began digging, but as soon as Gary noticed, he decided to take over the project by sitting in the middle of the hole.

After quite a bit of protest (Mama! Make Gary move!), I gave up, and moved a few feet away to dig a second hole. Those two holes remained there for a very long time, and were the location for adventures with dinosaurs, army battles, several forts made of sticks, experiments to see if insects could climb out of them, etc.

Where was this?: 
3211 Charlotte Rd., Memphis, TN
When was this?: 
Early 60's???

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