A Marble Headstone


Little Rock Cemetery in Hickman County is located on Old Mill Creek Rd, across from the Little Rock Church of Christ. You have to go up what looks like a driveway to reach the cemetery, which sits behind a row of trees. My great great grandparents, Ma and Pa Coleman, are buried there, but their graves are not marked. We did find the graves of Lilly and Ewell Coleman. Ewell was Rufus Coleman's son, and the brother of Mattie B. Coleman Sanders, my great grandmother. The first time we went to the cemetery, we found Lilly's grave with a standard grave marker. We also saw this homemade rounded top marker, but could not see the name. This time, someone had cleaned it up a bit, and we were able to see the name Ewell carved into the marker. I suspect that the marker has settled, and the word Coleman is underground now.

What is most interesting to me is the fact that they used marbles to decorate the marker. I found two other markers that appear to be from the same time period, but in a different part of the cemetery. Ewell died in December of 1941.

Where was this?: 
Little Rock Cemetery, Hickman County, TN
When was this?: 
December 1941

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