Mrs. McMillan


This was taken when we lived on Trigg Ave - 669 E. Trigg - in an apartment in Mrs. McMillan's house. We called her Mrs. Mac. She is holding me (Sharla). We lived there when both Rob and I were born. Mimi and Papa lived across the street from her when Mama was born. Whenever Mama and Daddy needed a place to live, Mimi would find one for them. There was an earthquake while we lived there. It was in the night, and we didn't feel it, but it sloshed water out of the toilet onto the floor. The only other time Mama can remember an earthquake was when we lived on Jeanne. Daddy was sitting in his chair, and there was an aquarium sitting on the long black table that Gary now has. The earthquake sloshed water out of the aquarium onto Daddy. Mama remembers that Rob was excited to be in an earthquake, and was telling everyone to stand in a doorway, and then to go outside.

The apartment was furnished - we didn't have any of our own at that time. One day, Mama decided she wanted to move and found a house on Montague that was for rent. They rounded up enough furniture and moved. The floor was concrete, and one day Rob rolled onto the floor and put a knot on his head, so Mimi made them move into a different house on Roanoke, which was back in the same neighborhood where Mrs. Mac lived.